meat, in loaf form

All day I've been meaning to tell you guys that my meatloaf recipe is over on Woolgathering & Miscellany today. Then, somehow, I ended up taking advantage of Joe's day off and took three naps. THREE NAPS. And pretty long ones, too. Considering I only had one drink this afternoon, I have to assume that this past year of sleep deprivation is finally catching up with me. Either that, or I have mono.

Anyway, head over to my lady Gracie's blog and check out my guest post, will ya? G is one of my favesies, but when she asked me to write about MEATLOAF, my love for her was brought to a whole new level.


  1. As someone who also enjoys the word cunt... I thought I would share this...

  2. THREE NAPS! You go, girl!

    Thanks for the elaborate, yet simple post. I think *I* could even make this!!!! I will try.


  3. that's some napping after my own heart, woman.


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