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I often get compliments on Cheech's and my bangs, which is a) incredibly kind, and b) a little bit funny considering I do them both myself. And for the record, hers would be MUCH straighter if she had the common courtesy to keep her head still for more than .5 seconds. I've had bangs for most of my adult life, but after Cheech was born something very strange and hormonal happened that now makes my hair grow (I kid you not) about an inch a month. Keeping up with bangs, keeping up with anything, really, felt absolutely impossible that first year, so I tried to give no bangs a go. They grew out rapidly, and after about six months of seeing that much of my face, I was over it. 

I decided to be a proper adult and make an appointment with my hair lady for that first bangs cut, but after having to return every two weeks just to keep them out of my eyes, I realized it was best to go back to my old ways and start doing them myself again. The old twist and cut technique has always worked best for me, but I've found that telling friends to just grab their bangs, twist them, and cut doesn't exactly translate as well as I thought it would. Somehow the couple friends who had followed my advice ended up with crap bangs, and I couldn't quite figure out why. 

I came across this today (which leads to this), and it perfectly breaks down exactly how I do my own bangs, so I thought I'd share it with you guys here. This technique, done just as shown, has never failed me and makes it easy for me to always keep my fringe at the right length. I do make the cut higher than the bridge of my nose because I don't think I look good with my bangs hovering over my eyebrows, and I've never tried layering the hair around the side of my face because my hair lady does an excellent job at doing haircuts that grow out very nicely. One thing I would recommend is to take the process slowly if you've never cut your own hair before. You can always make your bangs shorter or thicker if they aren't where or how you envisioned them being, but going backwards, as I'm sure you know, is not an option. Also, I find that doing this when my hair isn't squeaky clean (for me, this is day 2 or 3 after a wash) gets the best results. Good luck, guys. I know you can do this. 


  1. i do a little vertical clipping when i get desperate, but that's all i have the nerve for.

    1. Same here. Vertical clipping, just to keep 'em out of my eyes. My hair is baby-fine and stick-straight, so it's pretty easy to maintain. Oh, and I recently went with my dad to the air force base and paid $5 for a tattooed barber to trim my bangs. He did a good job! They were a little shorter than I'd anticipated, but they've since grown out nicely. :)

  2. I love reading your blog and you and Cheech are adorable. Thanks for the fringe tip! I'll try a bit of trimming here and there, but I'm shy of repeating past mistakes. Though I think I'll try this method!

  3. I usually trim my own bangs as I don't like them too short - I just do the straight across method with a little tweaking here and there. Sometimes I fail, but like you my bangs grow super fast.

  4. Ok, I'm going to be bold and try this. Maybe this weekend. So, so scared, but I feel a little better with the tutorial. Thank you. :)


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