I haven't been to my hair lady in over 6 months, and I'm starting to look like a lady who hasn't been to her hair lady in over 6 months. In other words, tragic.

Cheech has apparently become allergic to sleep. Nap time, night time, all times for sleep. I took her to a science museum yesterday to wear her little punk ass out, and it somehow managed to give her MORE energy. I can't tell you how ecstatic I am about this situation.

We've started the kitchen redesign process. We're on a SUPER tight budget, so we'll be taking on the work ourselves. Joe's actually quite handy, and I'm pretty talented at math/measurements, so we're hoping, maybe even stupidly assuming, that we can DO THIS. Whether this makes us lunatics or masochists, I still have not decided. 

I'm going to try my hand at a pastichio this afternoon. 

We've converted from drip coffee to French press. I'll never go back. 

In a recent phone conversation with a friend, we talked about how blogging is such a stress reliever in our lives, but it's the first thing to go when we actually are stressed/over busy. It's not like the bills aren't going to get paid, or my child isn't going to be fed if I don't blog... so it's easy to let it go from time to time. But the truth is, in a strange way, blogging helps me stay on top of all the things that need to get done and tend to cause stress in my life. So, we're now accountabilibuddies. Since I already kind of made a pact with myself earlier in the year to blog more, I'm committing to a minimum of three blog posts a week, and she's starting slower with one. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you probably have already heard of my new accountabilibuddy, Gracie, but for you newer readers, you should most definitely check out her blog. She's funny, and smart, and crass, and loves pizza. Basically, she possesses all the best qualities a lady can possess. 


  1. mutual appreciation club. members: 2

  2. I completely understand about the French press vs. drip coffee. I converted and cannot go back.

  3. Looking forward to hearing more from you and G.

  4. I'm horrified that you just nixed drip coffee. HORRIFIED.

  5. I feel the same way about blogging, but lately I've been having major blogger's block. I try for 10 posts a month and this month... I'm struggling. I made a short post about the rain, for God's sake. Struggling.


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