guerneville (and healdsburg)

Guerneville is a small town along the Russian River in Sonoma County where you'll find equal parts Bay Area residents looking to get away, BEARS, and meth heads. We rented a small and affordable cabin for a couple nights because we desperately needed time off and some sunshine near the river. In true Northern California fashion, although it was not cool, it definitely was not warm enough for the two days of swimming we had banked on. I'm not sure we'll be heading back to Guerneville any time soon. As stunning as the redwoods and moss-covered bridges are, the Breaking Bad vibe kind of killed it for us. I guess we're getting too old to not be bothered by that sort of thing.

Overall, however, our time away was superb and except for a little car sickness on Cheech's part, perfect. We drove out of the way one night for an excellent meal, and I think we both realized that we might want to consider spending a little more money for lodging the next time we take a quick trip. I mean, small and affordable cabins are nice and all, but laying out in the sun while some handsome pool boy who isn't a day over twenty four brings me Mai Tais sounds much, much nicer. 


  1. Oh, man...that's lame about the meth heads. That would quickly kill a happy vacation vibe for me. One time we took a quick trip to the coast and stayed at this hotel my family stayed at when I was growing up. It was a lot dirtier and smellier than I remember from childhood, a total buzzkill. We decided from then on, if we're going somewhere, we'll fork over a little extra to make sure feel comfortable and can fully relax.

  2. I'd go for the mai tais any day. What is it with small kids and car sickness? Our toddler gets carsick on any car ride over an hour long. Doesn't work well for ducking off to nearby towns when you have made it to your holiday destination.

  3. enchanting. That giant oreo/whoopie pie-esque cake thing looks diiiiiviiiine.

  4. Yep, I feel you. I think I'm getting to the point too that spending a little more on a nice stay sounds much more appealing. I do love the Russian River for a dose of nature though, and really can't get enough of Healdsburg. So pretty!

  5. Celia! You are greatly missed!!!

    1. i'm coming back! today or tomorrow. i swear. :)

  6. Celia! You are greatly missed!!!


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