The week we got back from New York, Cheech got sick. Then it was my turn, then hers again, and then mine again. Back and forth, back and forth for at least six weeks. And then at some point, Joe got in on the action, too. By the end of it, our medicine cabinet had beed raided and we had easily gone through a case of toilet paper (tissue boxes are for wusses). So this Thanksgiving, I have lots to be thankful for, but the one thing that truly stands out is that this entire family can finally breathe through all six of its nostrils. 

Happy Thanksgiving, guys. This is the best holiday. Food + the special people in your life = 


  1. oh man, you weren't kidding. glad to hear we're all on the up and up.
    time for a fancy boozy concoction I think today too, ya deserve it!

  2. TP? You guys must have noses of steel.

  3. Landed on your blog yesterday and read page after page AFTER page... :)

    Also happened to find another blog filled with Mommy tales and the style of writing (dry wit, funny without being mean-sarcastic) reminded me of you - http://fancythatfancythis.com/. I think you might like it too!


  4. hi! i'm new on blogger. follow me! regards from malaysia.. :)


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